Return Your Leased Audi near Washington, D.C.

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Return Your Leased Audi near Washington, D.C.

It's been a great couple of years in your prized Audi, but now the end date on your lease agreement is drawing near, and you'll have some difficult decisions to make soon. If you're not sure what to do when the lease on your Audi is up, turn to the financing experts at our Audi dealership near Washington, D.C., for assistance. Regardless of where you initially leased your Audi, we're happy to advise and guide you through the lease-end process to ensure there's no interruption to you daily driving experience. When you're within six months of your lease's expiration date, give us a call or stop by to discuss what's next.

When your contract comes to a close, you have several lease-end options to choose from:

Upgrade from your current leased Audi to a new Audi.

If your lease-end date is quickly approaching and you're not quite ready to give up the luxury of driving an Audi, let the team at Audi Bethesda give you a hand. This option is perfect for those who know leasing is right for their lifestyle, but are ready to park a new car or SUV in their driveway. We have plenty of brand-new Audi models available in our showroom for you to test-drive at any time, and we're always running specials on the latest and greatest models. Plus, when you trade in your leased Audi for a new model, you may be eligible for Audi Owner Loyalty Incentives, and Audi might even waive your security deposit.

Purchase or refinance your leased Audi.

When you're not ready to part with the Audi you've been driving, we can sell it to you outright. The team at Audi Bethesda can give you a special Audi lease-purchase rate, and show you all your extended warranty options. You can even extend your warranty to cover your Audi up to 100,000 miles. Plus, you won't have to worry about the limitations of your lease contract, and are free to roam Washington, D.C. and beyond as you please.

Extend your current lease.

If you've come to love your Audi and aren't quite ready to part with it, but also aren't ready to commit to purchasing it outright, we can discuss extending your lease. We understand that there a lot of pros and cons to every option on this list, so this choice gives you the flexibility to take your time making up your mind.

Add miles to your lease agreement.

If you're interested in extending your lease but you're running out of wiggle-room with your contract, we can work with you to change its terms. It's easy to purchase additional miles, and that way you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're driving your own well-loved Audi.

Return your leased Audi.

If you don't want to keep you Audi at the end of your lease, and you're not interested in driving a new one, we completely understand. We're more than happy to help you through the return process so that you can just turn it in and walk away. You'll need to schedule a lease-end inspection, during which we'll let you know about any excessive wear or mileage fees you may have incurred. We'll let you know if there's any repair or servicing that needs to be done prior to your turn-in date, and tie up any other loose threads.


Get in touch with the team at Audi Bethesda about six months before your lease ends, and we'll work together to decide which of these choices makes the most sense for you.

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